Sunday, 16 November 2008


I did visit Linda's fine art collection during Saturday afternoon.

I had to fight past a line of people all admiring various works in order to say "hello". About fifteen minutes later Rob showed up too. Linda has always been interested in textiles, photography and fine art including time spent at the prestigious St Martin's along the way, so I knew it would be special.

I selected a fine cushion to add to the rashbre central collection, although I'm wondering if it should really be in some sort of display area. Linda's work is very eye catching and original using silks, velvets and satins with designs that move from photography or sketches through various computerized processes in her studio and eventually become the designs which people were clamoring for today.

I know every piece has a story and the suitably improbable sounding one for the piece I have is actually based upon the work of a manhole cover designer, who also produced other metalwork for gullies and similar. You'd be hard pressed to know that by the time its been reworked by Linda and although the back story has suitably quirky appeal to me, I'd made a selection before I heard the tale.

In between the crowds of happy viewers, we also caught up on many other events even including Rob inspecting my fingers for any signs of guitar playing or similar mischief.

Alongside Linda's more exquisite pieces, she has developed an affordable line, which is proving popular with the upcoming festive season. Of course I also had various marketing suggestions to help Linda spread the word about what she is doing. Its at times like that I find my friends "tolerate" my enthusiasm, so I have to sometimes dial back the setting.

Please do click here to show support and request one of Linda's lovely brochures by email.

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