Monday, 6 October 2008

re: boots

I should have known better.

Out on Sunday afternoon, ostensibly on my way to the dry cleaners, when I stumbled upon the scene you see in the picture. Now maybe it's just me, but I've watched some ITV dramas recently like 'Wire in the blood' and 'Place of execution' and there are some quite disturbing scenes, so when I saw the assemblage in this picture I was momentarily a little concerned.

Actually it was raining heavily as well, so I moved on fairly quickly from what appeared to be a small bonfire accompanied by some all weather boots.

This evening, I'm just putting together this blog post, but couldn't remember the name of the Juliet Stevenson series, so flipped over to the ITV1 drama website to cut and paste.

"Hello", said ITV1, in a mid evening voice. "You'll be needing Silverlight, then."

I protested that I'm a mac and that all of that Microsoft wonderment isn't really part of the deal.

"Oh, this is different, we've made a special version for Apple machines."

I hesitated and then clicked "proceed".

Terms and conditions including something about automatic updates by default.

I nearly didn't click.

But I did. And so its installed something into Safari. And now, whenever I go to the ITV site, it says that the Silverlight plug in doesn't work.

I should have known better.

I suppose I'd better re-boot.

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