Tuesday, 30 September 2008

one little piggy went to market

Once upon a time there was a little pink piggy.

The little piggy was always hungry.

He ate and he ate and left a big hole where there had once been enough for everyone. His friends were also very hungry and they would all play eating contests with complicated rules to see who could become the biggest.

They all lived in big towers unlike the other folk who lived in much smaller houses. Gradually as the piggies ate more, there was less left for everyone else.

Some had to move out to find more food, and some had to give up their houses before the big bad wolves came along to throw them out.

One day a man named Mr. George noticed the big hole where the piggies had been eating. He knew he had been encouraging the piggies to make the hole in the first place, but now it was so big it was becoming inconvenient to walk around and some of his own friends were slipping on its edges.

So Mr. George had an idea in a dream where he was helped by a friendly advisor.

"I'll fill in the hole", he said, "and then there will be enough for everyone to eat again".

He took his idea to the important house where some of his friends lived, at the end of the road, but the selfish people in the house were all too busy to listen. They had heard about the wolves and decided that their own best chance was to keep the hole and hope that they could survive until another hole even bigger appeared somewhere else.

Mr. George was confused. He wanted to fill the hole and he thought the people in the house at the end of the road were his friends.

Mr. George set off to find a bigger house with more of his friends so that they could persuade the people in the smaller house to help. It was so difficult though, because he was already almost at the end of the road.

Whilst Mr George was walking to the bigger house the little piggy and his friends kept eating. In fact they were eating even faster. Soon the hole was as big as a country.

"Eat that, Mr George", said the little piggy, who wasn't so little any more.

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