Monday, 15 September 2008

immortal pour homme

Dorian Gray
Up North on Sunday afternoon, to The Angel, Islington and Sadler's Wells to see the Dorian Gray performance. A modern twist on Oscar Wilde's novel with it moved to today and into the world of fashion and art.

An image-obsessed world shimmering with Matthew Bourne’s dark humour, and the addition of a Conan Doyle plotline to the original story. Dorian Gray becomes the latest icon of 21st Century style amongst the glitterati. Promoting fragrance as a model and rising quickly to TV chat show guest.
Dorian Gray
There's a darkness behind the hedonism and we see the fa├žade fray after the arrival of a doppelganger stalking Dorian's shadows.
Dorian Gray
Brilliantly staged and choreographed, with hardly a pause in the action, an amazingly strong cast, great lighting, some moments of Matthew Bourne's mischievous humour (the blue rubber gloves, the four poofs and a piano, the nod to dancer Nureyev) alongside the journey towards destruction of the leading character.

Excellent performance - no wonder its sold out.

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