Sunday, 24 August 2008


qlympic party
Rainy start created receding barbecue options, but then Sunday's early afternoon turned sunny and the tenty thing looked less necessary.

As Beijinged Leona Lewis rose bus-top slowly, in a bacofoil dress resembling an aunt's spare toilet roll cover, from within a badly cropped topiary, Jimmy's strains of 'The Lemon Song' (squeeze me baby) indicated that Boris had waved the flag of the Olympics fresh from China.
We looked skyward from our sandwiches and wraps for the red arrows (apparently banned from the actual 2012 show) and indeed, our roving reporter Julie managed a picture of the planes from her iPhone as well as a reasonable quantity of inadvertent voicemail calls to friends in the quickdial list.

I'm sure British ingenuity will ensure suitable profile for London and Great Britain and meantime the barbecue at number 100 was great!

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