Friday, 22 August 2008

London Olympics Handover Stage

London Olympics Handover Party Stage Preparations
Cutting through from Pimlico towards the West End, I spotted the Olympics Stage being assembled for the handover ceremony on Sunday. Actually we were running for a taxi when I took this.

I'll be at a barbecue whilst the ceremony is happening, but there's been various London rehearsals and soundchecks throughout Friday to get things ready.

I'm amused to see that one of the songs in the handover will be "I can see clearly now".

The stage is at an angle right outside Buckingham Palace and I'm sure the positioining is partly for televisual convenience. The Mall was already closed to traffic from Thursday. I assume there will be repeater screens for the crowds on the Mall to watch what is happening, because I don't think too many will be able to get close to the stage area for this one.

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