Tuesday, 1 July 2008

viewing distance

Monday evening a few of us converged on a Thai restaurant somewhere in Richmond and several people commented about my rather sunny disposition. I explained the adventures of the weekend and was asked whether we'd been able to see anything. I explained the 'holistic experience' argument that it was about more than simply the music, but then later when I started to check a few of the pictures, I realised that it hadn't been that difficult to get to the front of the stages.

I'll admit that Amy Winehouse was a dot in the distance when around 100,000 people turned up to see her perform on the Pyramid but with a little thought it was quite possible to get good views and some snapshots of other acts. Of course, it was also fun to just sit on a hill and listen from a distance.
Getting a good view was mainly a question of positioning, or timing,
There was only really one performer where we made a special effort to be in position and fortunately the preceding act were also great entertainers.

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