Monday, 14 July 2008

tied up

ride 'em cowboy
The tram ride to the Calgary Stampede was not entirely successful. Having found a tram station, it was necessary to buy a ticket for circa three Canadian dollars. I only had a ten dollar bill and no change. The machines were coin only. I asked a few people if they could swap my bill for some coins, but everyone said "No". So I baorded the tram anyway, holding the money ready to exoplain my English plight.

Next thing I know, the tram is heading across the river away from the Stampede gound. The early stops were about every 300 metres, but after it decided to cross the river, the next stop was about 3 kilometers. Nothing for it. Change trams and go back. The ares of the tram station was fairly isolated too, on shops, taxis or people. I waited and caught a tram back, with it stopping at different alternate stations on the retrun. Eventually I got off, close to where I'd started and decided to try the trip again. Except the train announcer then explained there was an emergency and all the trams to the Stampede Ground were halted. Nothing for it but to find a taxi.

Later, I arrived at the Stampede ground, which is huge and has a funfair and many sidehows in addition to what turned out to be the finals of the varuious events. These included tieing a steer, wrestling a steer, bucking bronco and chuck wagon races. I got to kow what a rope-off and a jump-off are as I watched the various events.

Then sleep.

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