Wednesday, 16 July 2008

bear facts

Some wiggly roads during Wednesday, which also provided some stunning scenic views. We seemed to be working our way upwards through the sizes of wildlife too, seeing deer and then a small collection of mountain goats on the road. The goats were brilliant, because as our vehicle approached they, with a single boing, deployed themselves to the side of the cutting. To me this had a sort of surreal 'zoo-like' quality about it as we then drove past the goats clattering around the rocky hillside.

Next in scale was a true collectors' item. Two bears crossing the road in front of us. A mummy bear and a baby bear. They say its dangerous to see a bear cub alone, because the mummy bear will consider us as an immediate threat and get angry. In this case the sleek dark brown grizzly and her cub ambled across the road. As I was driving at the time, despite various camera implements nearby we didn't get a snap, but its well and truly etched as a good moment during the trip as we headed towards the snowy slopes near Lake Louise.

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