Friday, 4 July 2008

Alabama 3

I could have written about how I went to bed at five pm yesterday and slept until seven am. Instead I'll write about the Alabama 3.

There's not three and they're not from Alabama, but they ripped a great unplugged set in the Avalon on Saturday. They describe themselves as a pop, punk rock, blues and country techno situationist crypto-Marxist-Leninist electro band.
I describe them as having great Mojo, so that if they do come from Brixton, it sure feels like the world, or another world with American hats.
Degenerate corrupters of morals they may be but there's politics and thought in the acid stomp of their chemical country songs. Its just a party, with really good musicians and really good songs in subversive genre.

They rocked the house down - and that was just the acoustic set.

let the caged bird sing
alabama 3

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