Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Stolen Earth

I've only just viewed last Saturday's episode of Dr Who, and its a great ramp up for the two part finale.

Throughout this series there's been various disappearing planets (and bees) and I guess it will be the earth's turn to get stolen on Saturday unless the sonic screwdriver saves the day. I reckon it'll take Dr Who, all his recent assistants, plus Sarah-Jane Smith and the Torchwood crew together to figure this one out.

I don't even know which parallel universe we are in now, because there seems to be at least three judging from the last episode.

I'm wondering if we've all been watching the series from a different timeline (perhaps since Donna's beetle arrived in Pompeii) and maybe the oft mentioned haunting Medusa Cascade will be used to reset everything.

Otherwise its just too suspicious that we're back once again with a renegade Master and a collusion of probably cloned daleks - perhaps we'd better call for Richard Dawkins to help us with the genetics and work out the significance of the red one.

Someone will probably end up being followed into the dark. Make a parallel space behind the sofa before Journey's End.

(above) My quick mix of death cab for cutie with the trailer...sort of works

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