Sunday, 1 June 2008

romeo and juliet

Supper yesterday in Covent Garden, at the Royal Opera House before enjoying the ballet Romeo and Juliet. This is one of London's venues for a proper occasion. We dined before the show in the lofty Auditorium Restaurant and arranged courses to fit with the ballet acts which we watched throughout the evening.

Our good fortune was to enjoy a box for this performance and we had a delightful and comfortable view of the excellent dancing, returning to the champagne bar for the first interval and briefly to the restaurant at the end of Act Two.
RB08_Romeo_JulietThis was the Royal Ballet performing the 20th century Kenneth McMillan flowingly choreographed version of Prokoviev's score to Shakespeare's story, so we had plenty of greatness to enjoy. Renaissance Italy, the chance meeting between the couple amidst the bloody feud of Montagues and Capulets, sword fighting, bravado, flamboyant dressy formal ballroom scenes, intimate pas de deux, amazing and dramatic dancing, the first rate orchestra powering the score, superb silken, flowing costumes, a strong and moody set and dramatic lighting. Frankly a flawless performance with great set pieces of ballet and scenes which would make beautiful paintings.

Okay - and the score includes the Alan Sugar theme from the Apprentice(!)

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