Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I see our premier Gordon has been visiting Sunderland today, to look at the factory where Nissan cars are assembled. I gather the plan is to build a next generation car in the factory, which is good for UK jobs, although the car itself didn't appear to get named during the visit.
nissan pivo
I doubt whether it will look as 'next generation' as the prototype Pivo above from Nissan with its special wibbly parking wheels and its robotic talking companion. Although I suppose if the new car looks too much like an SUV gas guzzler, then maybe there will be some further explaining to do, perhaps to the robo-friend?
lavina C
Then again, they always say that low angles flatter a car profile, I gather the new car is a similar size to the outgoing Micra. Will we be seeing low angle photos of Gordon next? or maybe a robot companion?
hiya cheeky monkey!

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