Saturday, 21 June 2008


booting disassembled powerbook 12 after disk change
The old and trusty Powerbook 12 has had a touch of the clonks for a couple of weeks now. It displayed the little sad folder picture akin to the sad ipod picture that many have seen.

Its not my machine, but I helped fix it, the first time by the time honoured switch off - wait - switch on and astonishingly it went through about thirty minutes of unprompted disk recovery and managed to sort itself out.

As a usually quiet but intensively used machine, it was obvious something more fundamental was wrong, because the disk was now clearly audible as it searched around for files. A few days later the sad folder appeared again, and another similar repair once more rescued it. Cue CCC Carbon Copy Cloner and a couple of hours to copy everything to a replacement disk (the old one from my Powerbook 15, if truth be told).

Half an hour with screwdrivers of the right sort and the case was popped open, the old disk extracted, the new one popped in and then a trial re-boot with it still in pieces. I'm pleased to say everything works. Another half an hour to put it all back together and hopefully this already rather battered machine will continue to run.

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