Friday, 30 May 2008


too much coffee
Awake 4am trying to dream sleep formulae.
Still hope, still open for business.
A wash of moments flittering,
tugging clock hands,
drifting ever closer to deadline.
Not stopping as reverse
calculations become necessary.
Minutes brush away hours.
Small devices contrive to add delay.
No toner. More paper.
Bright red cut drips onto everything.
Others demand. Norway next Friday. Hotel Monday.
Laura in a church.
Make a neat bundle and a second one.
Large print on white covering.
Car keys. Apply business look.
Start out whilst everyone else
winds down.
Take the second exit at the roundabout and continue to follow the A33.
Felt mountain on M4.
Wobbling Vaux. Two cops outside.
Gates, barrier, rotating lights.
Reflective jacket.
Package. Done.

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