Sunday, 11 May 2008

it'll be a breeze

so little time, so much to do
Idyllic Sunday with early morning gentle bicycle ride and kudos to the various folk who say 'hello' as we pass one another at that time of day.

Then followed by an amble through the newspapers, but things have now begun to become trifle hectic.

Clay Shirky at Web 2.0I've just realized my 'end point' for the day has been brought forward to around 17:00 when I'm supposed to be be heading out to meet, eat, then off to a comedy show, then home, then pack for a madly early start tomorrow.

Little chance for a carving out a cognitive surplus here today.

And I've got a couple of hours of 'proper work' to squeeze in today, so I'd better stop this 'architecture of participation' blogging malarky for the day.

Well, maybe after a cup of coffee (not gin or sitcoms).

Ooh, that was the ice- cream van passing.

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