Monday, 19 May 2008


chez gerardChez Gérard today for a spot of bizzo lunch. We had a car to take us there, although it turned out to be a miniscule distance away. Between the salade de saucisson fumé, tajine de légumes, penne au poulet crème de Gorgonzola and, for some, - er - steak, we talked seriously about various business matters and compared bad flights.

I can usually throw in some good stories if I describe my 'plane leaking large amounts of water inside', 'cowering on the floor at Ben Gurion whilst soldiers with guns ran about' or 'one engine on fire landing in the desert' but today we were more at the 'what happened at Terminal 5' level of discussion.

Then back to the office for a continued discussions, finishing late so that I missed my next conference call and then had to spend a couple of hours catching up on preparations for tomorrow's meetings. At least I missed the rush hour on the way home.

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