Friday, 18 April 2008


I've been flittering around the City and Canary Wharf the last few days. I managed to arrange to meet a friend for a couple of drinks in Smollensky's whilst in Canada Square. We both know the area well and I'd suggested meeting at the flying saucer and the alternative suggestion was Reuter's Square and although we both knew each others' suggestions approximately, neither of us were quite sure.

Smollensky's is a good alternative landmark, next to 'the clocks' which just about everyone knows (12 clocks in a circle on poles).

Of course we had the 'duh' moments when we realised the saucer was the big blue one in the middle of the area by the HSBC and Citicorp buildings and the Reuters Square is the the one with the Reuters ticker and the big TV screen with Reuters news. Hmm.

Smollensky's tables were empty when I arrived and the music was gentle in the background. A couple of drinks later it was bangin' as everyone piled out of the nearby skyscrapers for a quick drink after work.

Then today I was meeting a couple of other folk at a coffee bar in the City, although I noticed as I walked past the Royal Exchange and the Bank of England, that an Angel in a suit with silver leggings was hanging around, presumably to hear the latest about the RBS rights issue.
angel of the city

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