Thursday, 17 April 2008


Now that the Brown era is almost at an end, we can start to speculate about the replacement.

Turning up in the USA on Titan air because BA couldn't supply a plane and then being bumped in priority by the Pope didn't start Gordon's day well.
Having George Bush's advisors forgetting to mention that the main action would be in Washington, rather than New York doesn't sound like an accident.

Then being stood up by Mbeki, the South African president, can't have boosted self esteem. And needing his appearance on the Simon Cowell show explained to a nation that still thinks Blair is the PM. Not so good.

But still better than the emerging commentary about 'Mr Bean visits the US'. Oh dear.

To top it all, the not-fired Chancellor Darling referring in rather high profile speeches to the need for the UK Government to sharpen its ideas. Cripes. Maybe Darling has done a deal with someone to stay in a position after the next leadership change.

So will the next era be the undefinable Miliband's? or maybe simply Balls? And I see Tony Blair is popping into the USA next week, after Gordon and the Pope have left.

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