Sunday, 20 April 2008

hard drive failure

hard drive power supplyIt happens to everyone who uses computers. The annoying failure of a hard drive. Nowadays I back up the home system using Apple's Time Machine, which somehow backs up everything every time a computer is somewhere that the network can see it. The only trouble is, a few days ago the backup disk itself went wrong.

The lights still came on when I restarted it, but I could hear a little clicking from inside the case. The disk contained the backups of a couple of other computers. I've had similar problems before with disks that I use to store video.

Each time, the fix has been the same. A new power supply brick. £25. Problem solved with no screwdrivers. I've just tried the same with this broken unit and it worked. The replacement power unit has boosted the drive back into action.

I must admit I'm suspicious, but I now I've swapped out three of these 'bricks' and each time the disks work again, so I'm posting this as a hint to others. One was a Lacie Big Drive and the other two occasions have been iomega Ultramax. All three were terabyte - perhaps that should be terrorbyte.

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