Tuesday, 29 April 2008

GTA IV - a walk in the park?

When I've visited Vegas, I've had a great time without spending gazillions at the tables. In fact, the last time, I didn't even play a slot machine. But enough of that, what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas etc.

I suppose its the same with the new car game that everyone in London (nay, on the gaming part of the planet) seemed to be queuing for (even if Zavvi actually had stacks and stacks of the thing).

Grand Theft Auto IV just hit the stores in a superb wave of Potter-esque 'open the stores at midnight' marketing and seems to have sent everyone who likes console games into rapt glee despite its gang violence related to car theft.

So the idea of using it for a bit of sightseeing of a kind of Sin City version of New York wasn't necessarily on the minds of the creators. However, as long as you don't mind getting grenaded occasionally, then its not a bad way to cruise the Hudson in a boat, admire bridges and skylines and take a look around some of the less well heeled streets of the metropolis.

I know that is not the intent of the game (which is all about rags to riches goodfellas style gangland activities), but, like Las Vegas, it seems a pity to waste all the clever scenery.

You can tell I don't really PLAY console games - not even at the TW@ internet cafes in GTA IV. No more bets, please.