Tuesday, 4 March 2008

tiger tiger

Part of Saturday's plan was to also find a bar nearby the Haymarket Cinema. The Haymarket is very close to Piccadilly but instead of our usual wandering around Soho, we'd called toptable to get us a rendezvous point very close to the theatre.

They suggested Tiger Tiger, which is only about 100 meters from our destination, so we went along with their choice.
tiger tiger lounge
We somehow missed what a lot of people know about this venue and a particular type of event which takes place there - especially at weekends.


Hen nights. I suppose I should have said Hen Nites.
tiger tiger
We'd been there less than ten minutes when the first group trouped in with several balloons and a selection of other inflatables.

About five minutes later a group with black sashes appeared, but they circulated and then hit the bar.

A few moments later a large group wearing pink sashes which flashed with little red lights arrived. They had balloons as well as a rather large inflateable champagne bottle. The smaller black sash group then seated and the pink group took over the bar area.

it was clear that things were going to get progressively more raucous, and as we left, a group with little cats ears were just arriving.

Tiger Tiger would seem to be well and truly on the same circuit as the pole dancing and bus parties.

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