Friday, 28 March 2008

Non omnia possumus omnes

I admit it, I watch the Apprentice. I watched the very first UK series a few years ago at around two am on a hotel television somewhere, where they showed the episodes back to back. I somehow got hooked after just two shots. My warning is to step away from the television if you havn't already seen it.

So the new series started a few days ago and I've just got around to dialling it up on Sky Plus to watch as the new wannabes seek to impress Sir Alan. And who finer than Nicolas de Lacy-Brown, to be ejected from the first show for incorrectly labeling lobsters at £4.99 a pop? No wonder the stall had an instant queue as some of the finest specimens crawled icily around the display table - and that was just the other already fractious game players.

As this week's ejected player quotes at his online art gallery, we can't all do everything.

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