Thursday, 6 March 2008

my manic and milan

Speaking of Union Chapel, I was also supposed to be there tonight, because I'd got one of the magic tickets to see Laura Marling and others performing live. Unfortunately, despite leaving Milan centre at 17:00 to take the fast route back to Linate, it was all in vain because the plane was delayed taking off.

The pilot made suggestions that we'd be able to fly really fast knocking some 40 minutes off the advertised time, but as I suspected it was uphill on the way back and we actually arrived around 30 minutes late.

By the time we'd got steps to the plane, been bussed around half of Heathrow and then retrieved my car it was around 21:15. With the gig about 50 minutes away if the traffic was perfect, I had to cut my losses and admit defeat.

So above, instead, is Laura Marling singing to accompany me taking a drive this evening across Milan to the airport.

And here, as Siouxsie Sioux leaves the stage, is Laura singing 'New Romantic' on Jools Holland.

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