Friday, 7 March 2008

jammy dodger

I see they are talking about new pay lanes on some of the UK motorways around London, like the M3 and M4. The idea is to make the outside lane chargeable in the rush hour and cars would have some kind of sensor like the TAG that's already used on the M6.

I'm sure there will be big debate about this, on top of congestion charge and £25/$50 per day parking for London.

But my guilty confession is that I couldn't help smiling whilst in Milan this week being driven around in big black Mercs that zip around all kinds of special lanes that bypass the normal traffic.

The driver yesterday even had a black peaked cap and sunglasses. When I worked regularly used in Milan I thought that Italian traffic didn't really park, it was just momentarily at rest. Yesterday, my driver reversed up along the pavement to the front door of the building where I was working and then used a combination of bus and taxi lanes and some special routes separate from the slow main traffic to drive me around.

So I'm sure the UK arguments about the pay lanes will escalate, but for a day I can't help admitting its quite fun to speed past the jams.

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