Monday, 3 March 2008


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I wonder if its a reaction to the embarrassment of a few days ago that has caused Gordon Brown to make his latest Public Relations move?

For those that missed the first story, which was well publicised at the time in the London papers, Gordon Brown somehow endorsed tourist travel to Fiji. Furthermore the picture used and which is still on the Fiji website shows Gordon with a bright red flower behind his ear.
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In case any Londoners missed this, it was helpfully projected onto the side of the Houses of Parliament during the week as well by some people protesting about this type of Prime Ministerial endorsement. Neighbouring countries to Fiji, such as Australia and New Zealand are particularly aggrieved because of the military dictatorship currently running Fiji, since the coup in 2006. And of course the PM's Press Office wanted to put the record straight and explained that the sign-off to do this PR endorsement had been done at the wrong level.

So the latest idea by Gordon's office has been to spice up his public relations by the hiring (unpaid) of Jennifer Moses, whose CV includes being a former non executive director of Agent Provocateur, the well known purveyor of fine lingerie.

So whether Gordon will soon be branching out into a variation of Dolly's Diary remains to be seen, although perhaps the practical advice will instead come from Jennifer's prior background with Goldman Sachs (who have other links into Number 10) or the CentreForum think tank which is a critic of Labour policies.
dolly kneads the doughJennifer's other recent claims to fame include being the court case victim who didn't notice an assistant has siphoned £1m from her bank account. And in other recent news her investment banker husband's company hedge fund just collapsed as a result of sub-prime bets in the USA.

Maybe the new advice will prevent Gordon from any further accidental tie ins with military juntas, although I notice that Dolly from Agent Provocateur has somehow become tied up whilst kneading the dough.

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