Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I've gone a bit folk-poppy this week listening to er - Goldfrapp - whose recent album surprises by swinging away from phat dance basslines (ok there are still some) and now twirling some acoustic jangly bits into the mix.

The album start is reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell encircled with a warm sweeping synth. The poppiest track is probably 'Happiness' and was played on Jonathan Ross last weekend.

The less obvious choice for the videotrack is called A&E (Accident and Emergency) and appears to be describing someone slipping in and out of consciousness after too many tablets.

Goldfrapp's private warmup gig on Monday at the Union Chapel was to fans before they tour. Hopeful ambassadors for new inventiveness whilst tipping a hat to some different genres.ucgI'm also pleased to see another CD 'worth buying' with some more imaginative artwork including a little notebook of hand scratched lyrics and artwork alongside a yet to be watched DVD.

This album takes the owl as its totem suggesting secrets and truth and for Goldfrapp yet another direction.

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