Tuesday, 12 February 2008

close to the edge

I just watched a television advertisement for Ebbsfleet, which is the intermediate train station for the Eurostar to Paris. I was trying to place Ebbsfleet, which isn't somewhere I've spotted in the past. There's a virtuality about some of the outer edges of London now, like the new green signs proclaiming the 'low emission zone' called LEZ, which is now another perimeter defence for the Capital.

There's nothing obvious as you pass these new signs, which seem to be on every side road into the centre, except if you are in a big truck with insufficient exhaust management when it will create an instant £200 fine for every visit. Apparently cameras spot the licence plates of undeclared vehicles and send bills to the driver.

And there's nothing obvious about Ebbsfleet either, except a train station and a football club that used to be called Gravesend. That gave me a clue to Ebbsfleet's location and I find fitting that its also declared itself very 'Green' no doubt because it, too, has those special signs. Roger Dean, the famous artist from nearby Ashford in Kent may have been prescient with his early drawings inspiring the M25 and these new worlds.

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