Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I've noticed flickr has been somewhat unreliable over the last couple of days. It used to be very stable, but its just started giving little times when the pictures don't display.

I recollect that its part of Yahoo, so perhaps its some kind of side effect of the planned Microhoo amalgamation. As Microsoft's influence is pretty pervasive in any case, I thought it was time to post one of those blue screen collections.

We've all seen them when we are out and about. Forlorn devices that have temporary lapses of concentration when the infamous 'blue screen of death' comes to town.
arriving on the Blue airline
Park in the Blue Zone
Don't phone a friend when you are feeling Blue
Ready for take-off?
New revenue model, with advertising?
Roger, Ready for Take off?, Over, Blue (okay, this one is a fake)
Swedish Make-over

But when I loaded these pictures, for some reason, none received any hits, except this one which got 13 hits in the first two seconds.

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