Monday, 28 January 2008

sorted for Es and Whizz

excellentblog.jpgHow delightful to get an award from bobkat. Most unexpected and just after I'd written a post about reverting to ten minutes a day for my posts. No pressure then.

Er, I don't have a proper speech.

I will find some nominations over the next few days though and I'll make a rule to myself not to award anyone that I've previously thanked in some similar way in an attempt to spread the goodness.

Its always great to get passing commenteers and readers, even the stealthy RSS readers and silent lurkers are welcome. Even the considerable number of Polish folk who are using rashbre central to get London traffic news from my traffic cams page. Witajcie. And even the still considerable number of fans of pulp powertools fantasy bunnies and the readers who wish to dismantle iPods and iMacs. Good luck.

Thank to bobkat and for the moment I'm sorted with a whizzy E.

sorted for Es and whizz

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