Sunday, 27 January 2008


Prior to digital cameras, I've had my share of 35mm SLRs. Spot metering, exposure calculations, depth of field, bracketing, ISOs, grain were all part of my SLR vocabulary.

Nothing prepared me for Debra's Hasselblad.

Out it came from an unassuming cotton bag. Debra's camera with a 12 back. Instantly iconic, a work of craftsman's precision displaying careful numbers and calibrations on every rotating surface. Special rails and rings heightened the control of the interaction.

Debra's camera is like the centre of a photographic vortex. A very cellular point so that as one knows something of optics, exposure, focus, field, composition then the 'Blad provides the raw synapses to control every aspect. Not a spectator sport, not point and shoot.

This fuses the photographer with the means to make the picture. The act is as one. A smooth ritual to collect the inputs for a frame and caress their impulses to the dendrites of the camera. As the operator's nerves fire their signal, the shutter and mirror's clunk provide a satisfying completion of this wholly addictive act of photography.
hasselblad shutter recording attempt

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