Thursday, 31 January 2008


masque haunt old street
Three of us drifted into the Masque Haunt for a wrap up conversation. We'd been busy all day and it was good to sip a drink and take stock for a few minutes. It was still early enough for the place to be fairly empty, but we still stood by the bar, each aware we'd other calls on our time in the rest of the evening.

Earlier in the day I'd been in the spicily aromatic Nin Com Soup, also in the same area around Old Street, for a latte whilst I waited for our early morning prep meeting. So, I'd really only seen a single street, except when we were lost at the confusing roundabout for a couple of minutes and had to retrace steps.

As we left, I found a passing bus heading my way and left the others walking to Barbican to catch trains to outer London and to the airport.

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