Thursday, 3 January 2008

first footing

An accidental "First footing" occurred at the hotel on New Year's Eve. For those that don't know, the tradition of "first footing" is that the "first foot" in the house after midnight should be male and dark (ie not a Viking about to bring trouble). Getting this right is supposed to be a sign of good luck for the year.

So arriving back at the hotel room on the First, at about one thirty a.m. it was a little unfortunate that the key didn't work. To be honest, we just thought it a bit funny and a member of the Hotel staff was nearby delivering a snack and joined in our attempt to get back in. Yes, it was the right room and, yes, we had the right key etc. He then called for backup and the lady in charge arrived a few minutes later. Same questions and we even had the little card showing our room number.

Still all frivolity as well.

Then the person in charge called for the duty engineer, who arrived a couple of minutes later. He did some thing slightly forceful to the door which then opened and he was, indeed, the first person in the room. He was a tallish person, with a complexion suggesting relatives in India.

So a tall, dark, stranger was indeed the 'first footings' for 2008.

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