Wednesday, 30 January 2008


IMG_1146.jpgAn interesting evening at the Camel and Artichoke yesterday, for the London Bloggers Meetup, arranged by Andy Bargery and with the support of Qype.

Close to Waterloo, near to The Cut, in Lower Marsh was an upstairs room in the pub, set aside for the meeting. Qype had kindly supplied drinks although there was no need to prime the conversations which started and ran freely throughout the event.

I'd guess there were around 35-40 people in the room and I'm hopeful that Peter's photos will show up somewhere as a record. I took one early snapshot in the evening as people were settling into the very animated and diverse conversations.

Inevitable questions about blog names and who does one read, but then discussions whizzing in all manner of directions, based upon a group whose common interest is simply blogging. I found it an entertaining event and am now wondering how on earth I capture the names and blog addresses of the great group of people I met during the evening?

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