Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Novus Infinite 16...

...or Sweet Sixteen as the not entirely unpredictable nickname is developing.

I mentioned last Thursday that I'd received a package from Australia, and I'm delighted to say it had arrived from Flying Star Toys in Sandgate, Queensland. Some of you will recognise this as the domain of Florence and the whole gang of personalities which make up the Flying Star world.

Now the Novus package arrived from our postman just as I was about to hit the trail to Birmingham, so what else could I do but pop the bag into the car and take it along for the ride? So Novus Infinite Sixteen first saw the light of day in Birmingham and is, as we speak, still recovering from around 20 days in transit from the other side of the world.

So far Novus Infinite 16 has been fairly quiet, and seems to prefer spending time in the daintily spotted bag which was the basis of the way to travel in comfort. Safely back in rashbre central now, I'm sure the electrical waves which these creatures thrive upon will soon restore full vigour. At the moment, a half in/half out of the bag appearance seems to be the preferred one.

I have a feeling that Novus is going to want to check out some of the places that I frequent in my travels. We'll have to see!

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