Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Nya, I'm sitting here looking at a big glass bottle of water which costs €4.30 to open. I'm in a hotel by the Rhine River in Dusseldorf and I can walk ten steps to the hotel bathroom, where the water in the tap is free.

The glass of water by the side of the bottle is from that tap and it tastes wonderful. Cool, smooth and probably surprisingly pure.

If I'm outdoors like on Saturday at a concert I might buy water, but for day to day consumption, the tap still provides a great choice. I admit I use a filter at home and keep the filtered water in the fridge, but the source still comes from the tap. And if I take water with me when I go cycling, I simply fill a camelback and drop it into the rucksack.

2.17 billion litres per year from bottles in the UK, costing £1.5bn. Thats a lot of landfill.

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