Friday, 7 September 2007


This week has been a bit like one of those games of tetris - you know the one where you have to get all the blocks arranged as they come streaming towards you. In my case the blocks have just been lots of things to do.

Last Saturday I was bouncing around in the mud on a bicycle with scarcely a care in the world and then the busy-ness started. Sunday involved rescuing a forlorn car via a lovely lunch in an old church which had been converted into a restaurant. Then back into Central London, before I returned home to pack for Belgium.

A few days away in various meetings, then back for a late hotel meeting, home to sleep, then breakfast meeting, office and then tomorrow a few of us are heading to the last night of the Proms, in Hyde Park.

Sunday its Dusseldorf, Germany, by plane. Somewhere in between, I need to catch up on several weeks of paper mail and clear it into the "Action, Information, Rubbish" piles. After another spell away, I'm back in time for a jazzy evening on Friday. So blogging may be sporadic.

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