Monday, 6 August 2007


bye bye yellow sofa
My new sofa arrived!

This is a replacement for my last new sofa that arrived back in April. The first one was supposed to be brown, but when it arrived the Big Mistake was that it was yellow.

The first one was lovingly made by craftsfolk in Italy and then transported by road and ship to the UK. Although an L shape, it was splint into two pieces for the journey as well as being covered in foam and cardboard packaging for the long journey. It arrived immaculately but in the wrong colour.

The second one was also made lovingly by craftsfolk in Italy. Still an L shape, it was also transported in bubble-wrap by road and ship to the UK. This one was tantalizingly well covered so it was impossible to tell the colour until the packing was removed and - Hooray - it was now correct!

As it was removed from the packaging, I noticed the shape looked slightly different from the last one. And then, before the second half had been carried in, I realized the second Big Mistake.

It was a Right Hand Facing L shape instead of a Left Hand Facing L shape. This may not seem much, but trust me - it makes all the difference about how it fits into the room.

So I now have a second temporary sofa; this one sticking out into the room in the Right Colour, but the Wrong Shape.

And the factories in Italy are on vacation for the whole of August.

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