Wednesday, 8 August 2007


vintage tube poster
Its been interesting visiting other major cities as part of my vacation. As a Londoner, there are certain innate security minded things one does or doesn't do, reinforced over years of poster campaigns and similar, which are less well-emphasized in other countries. So returning to London, today was a case in point where I saw several signs that even if its the holiday season, there's still a certain vigilance about the Capital.

Firstly, as I moved into the central City area, I noticed two policemen manning the security booths at the start of the formal city boundary.

Secondly, I'd arranged to meet someone at a coffee shop and before they arrived, there was a minor disturbance whilst the (tourist) owner of a large wheeled case was located. They'd stood their ominously large bag in a corner whilst they queued many metres away for coffee.

Thirdly, a little later, there was a similar situation in a magazine shop at the train station. Someone had brought two sports bags in and left them on the ground, presumably whilst searching for a magazine. The security guard was becoming more and more loud as he attempted to track down the owners. I had left before this had been resolved.

And still, in some key areas there's no bins to place rubbish, as a deliberate security precaution.

What is it they say about the price of freedom being eternal vigilance?

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