Monday, 2 July 2007

two princes

Two Princes
A few of us joined the throng at the Concert for Diana hosted by Wills and Harry in Wembley. My first visit to the new stadium and I did wonder about the security and delays as a consequence of the recent London Mercedes-bomb attempts around Haymarket. As it turned out, although there was strong security, the event was fairly easy to get into and a good afternoon and evening of entertainment.

Mainly mainstream acts, and with a strangely American segment at presumably a key time for overseas markets, it was a fun and sunny way to spend Sunday afternoon.

We started sitting towards the back of the stadium, in what we later discovered were the wrong seats. The place we moved to was much nearer the front and directly under the seating of the Princes. We also had Jamie Oliver, Jules (Jamie's wife) and Alan Kerr from the Friday Project as nearby seating companions.

There will be more on Christina's site, where I'm told some of the acts get a mention too.

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