Wednesday, 18 July 2007


A slightly out of sequence post, because I actually saw the Die Hard 4.0 movie on Sunday. I did originally post a link to the trailer, but had to delete it because it was one of those fancy film studio links to a version that insisted on autostarting, which I felt was kinda rude. So here's the trailer with the option fo you to click to start it.

My main gripe though, was the cinema's other trailers for films before the one with Bruce started. There were three different "lets be rude to the French" situations. If it had been about, say, a social minority, there would have been an outrage, but it stuck me that the American studios are using France as a new place to kick.

Humour is fine, and I know the Anglo Saxons don't always see eye to eye with the French (if you take my 1066 Norman meaning) but this seemed to be that the studios have decided that French bashing was okay. Not cool. Très répréhensible.

The film? Does what it says on the label - my summary:"Computer psycho steals password to US infrastructure involving unwitting cop Bruce. More determination to resolve after daughter kidnapped. Car, helicopter, plane chases and explosions as Bruce resolves in oily vest with final fix-up ambulance scenes. Fade to 5.0"

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