Tuesday, 5 June 2007

affrontal logo to me

Well, they revealed the £400,000 Olympic Committee London 2012 logo and its pink fuzzy felt shapes as edgy, punky and modern. In a Rorschach test this picture has been known to yield a certain cartoon depiction of something best left to the imagination on this site. Or perhaps thats just me.

...Who needs Photoshop CS for artwork when five minutes with 1983's Paintbrush.exe can produce the above? Nice work, if you can get it. Below, Here's the old temporary logo, by way of a comparison. It sort of does what it says on the package.
So my rejection suggestions include sign a petiition, ask Mark Thomas to add it to the 1 person McDemos at Westminster, or maybe add a new petition to the UK government petition web-site.

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