Monday, 9 April 2007

five minutes

danger 2
Despite my concerns earlier today, the route through London was surprisingly direct. I picked roads that a taxi driver would be proud of, even if most of it was somewhat sarf. In addition to Kingston, there was an emergency retail detour to Smuggler's Way in Wandsworth in order to walk around a very French store. I also had to use my advanced parking technique in this area and found a spot on a switched off yellow line away from the maniacally busy car parks. And yes, there were traffic wardens patrolling the red routes today.
slimed with more contrast
After the shop visit, quite near to the parking spot I noticed a row of bollards and a mystery footpath. So as a reward to myself for the support of relentless store hunting, I took a five minute stroll along the footpath, which led past barbed wire and a warning sign saying "Danger of Death".
walking on water
A few more yards and I spotted a somewhat forlorn boat, capsized in the mud, and then glancing towards the main River Thames, saw a bird making a noisy running take-off. But my time was limited, so then it was back to the car and off across Wandsworth Bridge.

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