Tuesday, 13 February 2007

not ready to make nice

I like the DIxie Chicks, who have just won three Grammy awards for best album, best country album and best song.

I posted about them a while ago because this is the same band that had their CDs burned and crushed by middle America because of a statement made during a concert in England by one of their singers, Natalie Maines. She criticized President Bush along the lines she was ashamed he came from Texas.

When I posted, previously, it was a comment about the level of backlash their statement created leading to a total boycott by many radio stations of their music. The little video, below, shows the scenario and the linkage of the Dixie Chicks with criticism of the way that Bush was handling the situation in Iraq. Even the little trailer (below) was banned by NBC.

But now, some six months since my last post about this topic, the bluegrass singing band seem to have made a successful comeback, despite all of the prior protests.

I'm generally not on the right frequency for American country music (except when driving across some large piece of the nation) and I don't really understand how such an apparently despised band can walk away with three Grammy wins.

This has nothing to do with my personal opinion of their music (which, as I declared at the start), is positive. So here, enjoyably, is a rocking extract from a Dixie Chick show, at Shepherd's Bush, in England.

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