Friday, 12 January 2007

no comet

Yesterday was not a great evening for travelling, with gale force winds that delayed the prior plane to Frankfurt by four hours. My flight only spent around an extra hour and a half on the tarmac. On the outbound I was sitting near the back of the plane and could feel turbulence even during the take-off. We finally swished our way to Germany and did one of those 'Navy' style landings where all wheels touch down together.


And then coming back this evening, from my window seat I assigned myself the task of looking for the McNaught comet which is within viewing range at the moment. I knew it was supposed to be somewhere to the west and we were above the clouds, but I think it was too light for me to be able to find it. The clouds were in two layers, with cotton wool below and languid whispy ones above. As we approached Heathrow I saw numerous other planes skittering around just above the cotton wool layer but, alas, no comet.

Maybe I'll look in the dawn sky to the South-East again in the morning.

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