Thursday, 4 January 2007

T13 : Get Cape; Wear Cape; Fly

clockW.gifThis is my first chance for any reflection since the start of the new year, delivered in the form of a Thursday Thirteen. I couldn't help but also look back through blog entries as part of this process. I normally only spend about ten minutes a day dropping in an entry, which varies from questions about the amount of sugar in a doughnut, to some commentary about current events, usually with a vaguely relevant picture and often using a snap that I've taken myself.

The thing I found facinatiing some twenty months since I started, was just how much gets captured in even just those fleeting entries, whether its the words, the comments from others, the digressions to other folks' blogs, the varied locations or just the amusement.

But the most intriguing part was the way time has behaved - conventional wisdom says time speeds up, but if anything the process of writing down entries has stretched it out.

So, here's around thirteen entries from 2006.

1) January : Saw the year in from rashbre west, in Florida. Then later in the month, off to Brussels and Barcelona. And my car heater broke. Lucky I was away such a lot.

2) February : Helped Christina get her website started. And she's still borrowing my server space and flickr library. Seems a lot longer since that pivotal expresso.

3) March : We ran the music mixing experiment with one of Christina's tracks which featured a foodblender. I started editing the NaNo novel from last November and arbitrarily started a 'Free link Friday', which created about 30 links.

4) April : My iPod broke, and I published instructions about how to dismantle it, which has continued to receive hits every month, ever since. Short version, use a guitar plectrum to get inside the case. Then the rest drops out fairly easily. The most likely loose connection is where the hard drive connects to the circuit board. Use electrical tape to re-secure. I also set up and Simon from Holyhoses developed the definitive version of Christina's track called wind

5) May: A blogging adventure whilst in Barcelona, meeting the delighful mar and mr.mar! And in addition, a visit to the Princes Trust, which was royally attended. Oh, and a couple of bloggers set out to find out about me! Some of us prefer our anonymity.

6) June : Solstice, Mountain biking, world cup and the convent.

7) July : The Bootleg Beatles, a visit to New York, a field in Priddy Folk Festival, a visit to Dublin, Ireland and a treasure hunt in the English countryside.

8) AugustWarhol at the Fringe gets four stars in the Scotsman. Brief stops in Sweden and Verona earlier in the month.

9) September : Kate and Neal's big day; Newcastle and the Malmaison effect and travels mixed with helping Julie collect tunes from pop concerts.

10) October : Germany and Connecticut, plus a quick trip to Milan as well as several trips to Chelsea, SW3.

11) November : My second attempt at a NaNo novel. Although I did enough words, I've only written about one third of the story, interspersed with my business time in France. My strategy is to try to get the first 'novel' finished before I tidy the second one.

12) December : Off to America again, including the John Lennon Tribute. A late build towards the festive season, but including a bit of a jam session now that I've learned a few more guitar chords.

13> 2007 : Let's just say its starting well!

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