Thursday, 12 October 2006

Be cool

I've been enjoying a couple of posts over on Maximum Bob, where he's been doing some film deconstruction whilst lesson planning for school syllabus. Bob talks about the difference between production sound (car noises and incidentals with direct relevance to the storyline) and soundtrack (music and so forth) and how they can be interposed and sometimes exchanged.

So tonight I was watching the start of 'Be Cool' which does something similar with dialogue. The actors (John Travolta and others including Uma Thurman) talk about the framing and premise of a film, whilst at the same time being in the one they are referencing. I find it amusing and actually enjoy the little movie asides in quite a few of Travolta's films, probably because of Tarantino's strong influence and love of the references.

So I suppose thats an excuse to reference the scene (sometimes edited out) in Pulp Fiction in Jack Rabbit Slim's cafe where Travolta and Uma Thurman are making small talk about Fox Force Five which includes a woman with a deadly knife/sword skill. Its actually an approximation of Kill Bill which was made some ten years later. I gather that Tarantino already had a partial script for Kill Bill when Pulp Fiction was being filmed.
Its good to have such fun and confidence in writing and production.

Which leads me to the main point, that I just enrolled for another set of writing myself, with the rapid approach of NaNoWriMo 2006.

So now I need characters, a plot, a place, a theme and no doubt some time, but not for another few weeks.

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