Monday, 17 July 2006

pocket full of kryptonite

I've just seen "Superman returns" which has some great visual moments and those rumble effects that make the whole cinema shake. However, I found the film dutiful rather than exhilarating.

In the Reeves movies there were some moments of crackle, like when Lois was killed and Superman had to mess with time to replay the scene and rescue her.

This film has its share of action moments and whizzy visuals, but somehow doesn't have the heart of some of the previous films. I suppose I was hoping for something new, but this is essentially a paraphrase of the first Superman movie, but somehow managing to capture less plotline in more elapsed time. Some of the camerawork is really quite stunning and technically accomplished, but a langorous edit, poor pacing and some wooden acting made me think at the end of the film that I'd rather watch the first Reeves movie again.

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