Sunday, 2 July 2006


I couldn't delve far into my Sven research yesterday without remembering the work of Alison Jackson, who has a rather creative way with pixels.

This goes back at least to a Schweppes campaign using look-alikes a few years ago (there was Sven, Camilla, Cherie Blair and others) and most recently inspired a couple of UK-screened television mocumentaries about the young Tony Blair and the romps of Sven.

Alison gets published in the glossy weekend sections and I recommentd a look at her website for more subversive, amusing and edgy photographs. There's life with Bush, the Royals, various WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends if you don't read tabloid) and all manner of unexpected candid shot snapped up by every genre of UK newspaper and magazine. I believe Al Jazeera published some snaps in the past as genuine.


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