Thursday, 15 June 2006

Thursday Thirteen (V23)

1) My recent travelling finished early this morning, when I returned home at around 02:30.
2) By the time I got to bed, it was around 03:30 and I could see the early signs of dawn with some pretty light blue streaks in the sky.
3) I still needed to be back on the road by around 07:30 this morning, so I am rather bleary-eyed by now.
pod_19_small.jpg4) I couldn't help notice the rather light traffic today. I wonder if a lot of people had an urgent need to work from home, possibly linked to the soccer fixture which started at 5 o'clock this evening.
5) There was enough interest in the last part of the England game to keep me awake, despite my late night.
6) My early World Cup predictions are still holding out. I will review at the end of the first set of matches to see how many of my calculated teams have been dropped. Sweden's victory over Paraguay may interfere slightly with the odds.
7) Whilst on the road, I was adding blog entries from my PC. Everything was much more fiddly than doing the same on my mac.
8) I did also watch 'The Convent' this evening, which I'd recorded on Sky Plus. An interesting way to show the lives of nuns, using a reality format.
tabbouleh.jpg9) Enjoying a light tabbouleh this summery evening, as a refreshing supper.
10) I rescued my pedal bicycle from under the general domestic debris in the garage a few days ago. If I can next locate the tyre pump, I will then be out for a meander in the country lanes this weekend.
midnitespider.jpg11) Tonight I will be in bed long before the midnight spider scuttles across the floor in this room. Its pretty regular and normally has a very similar route. I didn't know spiders were creatures of habit.
12) When did borrowing friend's wi-fi links start to become commonplace? We have people drop in and borrow bandwidth and I was doing it myself a couple of days ago somewhere else.
13) I started another book to review for Bob's Books, but am not finding it much fun. I don't really want to write negative reviews, so I shall probably let it quielty slip under the water.

{Yawn} Sleepy tonight. Next, to bed.

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